What is the fee for taking the Alaska Alcohol Server/Seller training?
The cost to take training, both classroom and online, is just $20.00 for a limited time (cost is $25 is paying at the class) and certification is valid 3-years.

Is this training the same as TiPS and TAP training?
Yes, this program is APPROVED by the Alaska Alcoholic Control Board. Please note that Alaska Alcohol Seller Certification is not affiliated with neither TiPS nor TAP although all three programs are approved training providers. Completing this course will satisfy your Mandatory Training Requirements as set by the Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

Am I eligible to take the online training or do I have to take a classroom course?
Online training is available to you if you live farther than 50 miles of a classroom course (please see the CLASSROOM TRAINING page for a list of upcoming classes), or of you work for a Common Carrier. This is strictly enforced and you will not receive your certification if you do live within 50-miles of a classroom training and no refunds will be provided once the course has been started.

Does Alaska Alcohol Seller Certification offer RE-CERTIFICATION? 
Yes. You may attend any classroom course 30-minutes prior to the end of the class to participate in testing. You MUST provide proof of previous certification by an approved provider and your certificate must still be valid. The training fee will still apply and a passing score of 86% is required for re-certification. 

Is this course approved by the State of Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board?
Yes, this course is approved by the State of Alaska Alcoholic Beverage Control Board and meets the mandatory training requirements set by the state - please see our approval HERE.

Is there a test and how are certification cards distributed?
Yes, there is a test. You must complete the course (online or classroom) and pass the 40-question test with a passing score of 86% or better. For classroom exams, certification cards may be distributed immediately or a temporary certification will be issued and your permanent card will be mailed within 21-days. For online training, cards are mailed within 21 days. Certification cards are mailed to US addresses only.

Do I need a proctor to watch me take the final exam if I take online training?
Yes. The online course require that a Manager or Licensee monitor the test portion of the course (you will be required to enter your place of employment and the name of the person proctoring the exam when you register). Once you pass the online test, you will receive your certification card in 7-14 business days.

What is the course fee and how do I pay for the course?
Classroom Training: The regular price to take the course is $25.00. You may pay at the class or pre-register - cash only please if paying at the class.
Online Training: The regular price to take the course is $25.00. 

How long is the the course?
The course is 3 1/2 hours. There are two 15-minute breaks during the classroom classroom course. The online course will track your progress so you can step away from the training and return as needed.

What about my log-in for online training?
Your will be provided a password to log into the online training course. Should you lose your log-in information, use the 'lost password' link from the online training portal to recover your password.

What is I don't pass the online training?
Failing to pass the test for online training will result in having to repurchase and retake the training.

How do I replace a lost/stolen Certificate of Completion?
Replacement certification cards are available for a fee of $10. Please use the Contact US page to request a replacement card. Please allow 21 days for processing.

What do I do if I encounter problems using the online course or if I have questions?
Please use the Contact Us page to report any technical issues or ask questions regarding the training program or certification.